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Diamond Information Center - Diamond buying information, Guide to Certified AGS 000 Hearts & Arrows Ideal Cut Diamonds. Guide to Diamond Shapes. Guide to 4 C's - CUT, COLOUR, CLARITY & CARAT. GIA Certificate Diamonds. Diamond Wedding Bands. Diamond Engagement Rings in Gold, Platinum & Titanium. Master Goldsmiths - Diamond Broker. Vancouver, BC. Phone: 604.926.4831
Guide To Fancy Shape Cut Diamonds - Round Cut Shape Brilliant AGS & GIA Certificate Diamonds, Princess Cut Shape Diamonds, Heart Cut Shape Diamonds, Emerald Cut Shape Diamonds, Oval Cut Shape Diamonds, Pear Cut Shape Diamonds, Marquise Cut Shape Diamonds, Trillion Cut Shape Diamonds, Radiant Cut Shape Diamonds
Guide To AGS 000, Hearts & Arrows Loose Diamonds - An AGS 000 Hearts & Arrows Ideal Cut Diamond is the Ultimate in quality for a Diamond. Diamond Broker - Master Goldsmiths. Certificate Diamonds. Vancouver, BC, Canada. Phone: 604-628-0038
Guide To 4 C's - CUT, COLOR, CLARITY & CARAT - Certified Loose Diamond Broker - UltimateDiamonds offers the highest quality Certificate Diamonds at the lowest prices direct to our valued clients. We offer Certificate Diamonds in all shapes. Cuts & Shapes of all (carat) sizes. Vancouver. Phone: 604-628-0038
Loose Diamonds - The subject of loose diamonds, how they are priced and how to negotiate for them is the most important topic to study BEFORE stepping into a jewelry store, diamond dealer's office or visit a diamond website.
Diamondpage.info - Diamond Directory, Online resource and information.
Sarin.com - A worldwide leader in the development of Diamond Grading systems, Gemology Tools and rough diamond optimization system

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